N-CORE is a Small Business based in Richmond, Virginia. N-CORE has provided information technology and software engineering consultants to numerous clients in a variety of industries since 1993. N-CORE is a business partner on the GSA Schedule.

Services performed by N-CORE include:

  •          Data Warehousing Design and Implementation
  •          Temporary, Long-Term, and Project Team Staff Augmentation
  •          Systems consulting
  •          Application development and maintenance
  •          Information Systems architecture design
  •          Project Management
  •          General support

N-CORE supports major computer technology platforms such as:

  •          Internet / Intranet applications
  •          Client / Server
  •          Mainframe
  •          Mid-range
  •          Network environments

N-CORE has experience in numerous markets including:

  •          Communications
  •          Transportation
  •          Financial Services
  •          Retirement Services
  •          Information Technology
  •          Manufacturing
  •          Utilities


Project Management Solutions

                 Project Management requires a balance between priorities and resources. N-CORE has a proven track record of providing appropriately skilled consultants for various management roles. We expect clients to meet or exceed expectations on any given project; therefore, it is our goal to assist in achieving the required balance.

N-CORE has experienced individuals capable of filling client requirements for various management roles.

  •          Independent resource: Plan, design, develop, and implement custom solutions.
  •          Management resource: Utilize our experience to strengthen management teams.
  •          Functional unit: Plan and execute specific tasks and one-time events.
  •          Project team: Independent or collaborative implementation of packages or solutions.
  •          Off-site support: Remote access and support of delivered projects.

N-CORE has the flexibility to address client project management priorities:

  •          Scheduling: Management experience to develop realistic task and project schedules.
  •          Contract parameters: Fixed bids, time and materials, subcontracting and legal.
  •          Value: N-CORE resources cost less and deliver quality.


Custom Application Development

                 N-CORE understands that there are benefits to developing custom software solutions to improve existing business processes, rather than changing those processes to work within the constraints of off-the-shelf applications that may be difficult or impossible to customize.

N-CORE IT professionals work with our clients to understand their business challenges and to develop appropriate solutions to meet those challenges. We specialize in GUI applications that access information in relational databases, from small (Microsoft Access) to large (Microsoft SQL Server) in scale. Our professionals take projects through all development phases, involving our clients in each phase:

Requirements Definition. N-CORE developers sit side-by-side with client end users to learn specific business requirements.

Prototype/Application Development. We like to show system prototypes to client end users early and often, both to ensure that business requirements are being met and to provide regular progress updates.

Testing. Testing is not only critical in verifying business processing, but it also serves as an excellent training mechanism.

Data Conversion & Implementation. Where feasible, N-CORE will automate the extraction of data from your current systems and its conversion to your new systems.
User Training. We believe in hands-on training with client end users.


Staff Augmentation

                 Since 1993, N-CORE has focused on developing working relationships with and between information technology professionals and client companies. We have consistently provided resources to meet specific job requirements, whether our clients' needs are for a specialized individual, whole team of programmers or complete project teams.

N-CORE simplifies staffing decisions by focusing on…

Responsiveness… Timing is everything. Providing the right person at the right time is our goal. We react to client requests as if our business depends on it, and it does.


  •          technical skills and expertise,
  •          professionalism,
  •          communication and interpersonal skills,
  •          teamwork skills,
  •          adaptability.

Pricing… Benefits, training, recruiting, relocation, and turnover all add to the increasing cost of hiring. Our contract rate structure is especially competitive within the IT services industry.

Retention… Due to the quality of our client base and our compensation model, we attract and retain a large number of experienced professionals with diverse skills. Consequently, whether client needs are in software support, system integration, maintenance, programming, development and/or project management, we can provide the best-suited professionals for your business situation.